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Milton J. Smith Sr.

Milton James Smith Sr. singer, songwriter, film-maker, humorist, and author.

Also known as “Smitty, EmJay Ess, Rolfe Smith, Billy Dawn Smith,
Bootlip, and Euchalyptus Rscinskinovitch, was born in Manchester
New Hampshire in 1924. He served his country four years in the Marie Corps,
during World War II. At one time during the war he was stationed in China.
In October of 1946 he met Doris Maria Dudley of New Bern, North Carolina
and in January of 1947 they were married. He and his wife then moved to
New Hampshire. In 1953, with four children in tow, they moved to Maryland.

Book Cover

He wrote many song’s during the 1950’s and 1960’s and appeared on television, once as a singer. In 1961, he, his wife and now eight children moved to Laurel, Maryland.
Two more children were born in Laurel. As a free-lance writer many of his articles appeared in the Laurel Leader. Two feature articles about him appeared in the Laurel Leader.
One in the summer of 1979 and the other in 1980.
His writing’s for this book were written over a period of 25 years. Milton J. Smith Sr. passed on May 19th 1983.


The Family


For my Father; Here’s the book you were ambitious to write. To my relatives; You are always in my thoughts. For my Mother; whom I love dearly, ” Expect a Miracle ! “
(from the hardback)

For my Father; now your book is viewable for the whole world,
you have become immortalized.
(site creator)

For Your Information

Very few of my fathers writings have I left out of this book. Those I did were because I did not have them or they were not h thoughts. I have one page to a story he may have been writing, but decided not to publish it because it is incomplete.

As far as I know, the writings I have published are all original, except where noted.

The Chapter titled Religion has one article. I need to clarify some of the statements, in light of the Gospel.

The truth of living in Peace and Love is definitely godly. But, the idea of crossing the peace symbol at half-mast is misguided, and subsequently won’t be fulfilled. Because it is not a “promise God.”

This is the promise of God; All men will know that you are my disciples when you have love for one another, said Jesus. (paraphrased)

Also, the goodness and justice of man cannot be a symbol to live by because, man is neither good or just. The peace symbol and Cross are mutually exclusive. The peace of the 70’s is not the “peace passes all understanding.” The Blood of Christ is Holy. Man cannot live in Peace and Love without it.

Finally, I had hoped to finish this book in March of 1992, but for some unexplained reason the original disk that I type writings onto was destroyed. So I had to start retyping everything onto another disk. My goal then for publication, was before Day, 1992.

Larry L. Smith


I would like to express my gratitude towards those who assisted in the
publishing of this book.

Carl Pregenzer did the photography and paste-up for the cover, and Pete Bailey printed the cover on a 2-color Ryobi press. George Pope III and Rick Sutphin cut the original manuscript to its present size.

Much thanks goes to Daryn Oliver. She taught me how to use the “Mac” computer. Her command of and abilities on the “Mac” were instrumental towards the finished product.
Thank you Carl Pregenzer, Tom Cecil, and Danny Brinlee for showing me how to access” specifics” on the Mac, which gave editing new meaning.

Ralph Cecil allowed this book to come-together. Danny Brinlee gave extra help when I was “in trouble” on the Mac; The night I was in a frenzy because I could not get the Mac to return to my disk from screensaver.

Also, Thank you Danny and Rick for the reproduction of the final manuscript.
Much appreciation goes to my brother Gary, for the professional sketch on the front cover. His “gift” for art is exceptional.

A very special thanks goes to my wife, Pat. Her support, insight, and conceptualization brought completeness to this project.

Thanks Everyone!
Larry L. Smith

FORWARD (revised)

During the compilation of this book, I thought of various interpretations I could interject. I chose not to. I believe it best to leave his intention to the reader. I made a special effort to keep every word that my father wrote in its original context.
Otherwise, you would be reading my book, not his.

When I compiled the chapter on Ideologies, I found that a lot of these writings were untitled. I took the liberty, with much apprehension, of titling them. The titles my father gave are noted by the colon:

Recently, I made some grammatical, typographical, and punctuation corrections. These corrections have not detracted from any original intent or ideology he held.

My objective for publishing this book is to honor my father and bless my relatives. I know his ambition was to write a book and the fact of the matter is, he did.

Congratulations! Euchalyptus. Here’s the book you wrote.
Larry L. Smith

During the creation of this website I had to fix any mis-spelled words and or grammar related issues, for the purpose of keeping the theme consistent!


This isn’t the complete book, only this sample is being provided.